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Blackfire and Starfire's Planet

Nightfire's Privacy!
Sunfire's ...uh, Something!
Very Scary Page
Starfire's Palace
Blackfire's Place

Blackfire's Place

I hope you enjoy this page.

This is MY place where NO ONE but me can go.
Starfire and her other earth "friends", can not come here at all. And I really don't see why YOU are reading this. So how about you go to another place, ok. Ooorrrrr you can just stay here.... I guess....


Blackfire: This is my darling self. I think I should've tooken a shower before I went on the air with this one.

Haha you were expecting more!! Well I only updated on this little spot! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Starfire: (bonks her on head)
Blackfire: ow...

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