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Raven Beastboy & Starfire`s Tower

Robin`s Page

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Hey guys Robin here.Hi,this is my page,so I hope you enjoy it.I got tons of funny stuff on this.
Feli: COOL! I like funny stuff!
Robin:And you are?
Feli: You stink if you don't even know me!
Robin:I do?
Feli: I don't know, do you? (Leaves)
Robin:I`m all confused!


What is wrong with this picture?Either...
A.)I have fans?
B.)Starfire has twins?
or C.)I`m just seeing...uhh feeling things....?


Hey I look handsome!
Keith: Not really.
Invis: Yeah, he's right, so calm down.
Robin:Ok?why does people I do not know just pop out of nowhere?
Keith & Invis: IT'S OUR JOB!
Robin:Well then can you do your "job" somewhere else?
Keith: You're as bad as the girl!
Invis: You stink.
Keith & Invis: (Leaves)
Robin:(shruggs shoulders)


Starfire: Where did that come from???
Raven: I found it in the photo album...
Starfire: ...Must you put it on a website on the internet where many strangers can look at it?
Raven: Yeah, to show these people how you two really react... >.>
Feli: (laughing butt off) THIS IS THE FUNNIEST PICTURE I'VE EVER SEEN!!!!!
Raven: Even I can not laugh from this...
Starfire: (sighs) Help.
Raven: Hehe.. me evil
Feli: So tell me what I don't know...
Robin: (walks in) Hey guy- oh my..
Starfire: I DID NOT PUT THAT THERE, ROBIN!!!!! (Feli leaves)
Robin: (passes out)
Raven: oh my...


Robin: AHH! Theres two!!
Starfire: I am...freaky looking...
Robin: why are we getting totured? What did we do that was wrong?
Starfire: I do not know, Robin...But I do not like it.
Raven: Hey guys like the picture I found of you two? :)
Starfire: (faints)
Raven: 0.0  What?
Feli: (Laughing so hard tears are coming down)!!
Raven: I didn't know I could do
Starfire: (waking up) Uh, oh...
Robin: Umm, hi?
Feli: (looks at Robin & only laughs harder)
Robin: WHAT?
Feli: (Laughs WICKED hard) HIIIIIII!!!!!! (laughing still)
Raven: Thats Feli for yea.
Starfire & Feli: (Feli stops laughing) OH NO!!!!!!!! (they run off)
Raven: Oops..
Robin: Feli?


Robin: What a creepy picture, but at least its not as scary as the other two. And by the way star, who is Feli?
Starfire: Who is Feli?
Robin: I don't know thats why I asked you... you wouldn't lie to me would you?
Starfire: ...No, I would not even think of it, Robin.
Robin: So you really don't know who Feli is? She seemed like she knew you and Raven.
Starfire: Um..........
Robin: Um.......... what?
Starfire: ...You would like to hear the truth, or a little lie that does not help at all?
Robin: Can I have the truth?
Starfire: ...Okay. Yes, I do know Feli. Raven WAS supposed to keep it a secret. I guess nobody is perfect.
Robin: To me you are perfect... :)
Starfire: (blushing) Thank you, Robin. ...Will you get mad at me at if I did not know something until now?
Robin: No never.
Starfire: Good, because I now just realized Feli was listening to our whole conversation.
Robin: What?!?!?!


Raven: Sunfire, Blackfire, Nightfire, and random person. I have updated for you on Robin's Page, from your letters.
Sunfire: YAHOO!!!
Nightfire: T-t-t-THANK YOU!! AAH! IT BURNS!!
RP: Thank you very much.
Starfire: NNNNNNOOOOOO!!!! I hope Robin does not see this!
Robin: Hey Star mind if I borrow- What in name in San Hills is that!
Starfire: Oh, dear...
Blackfire: Everyone, watch the fun begin.
Sunfire: But I need popcorn first!
Robin: Why must you guys always torture us!
Raven: I think it's kinda fun.
Starfire: We have never kissed before! Only hugged!
Raven: <_< Oh really? hehehe...
Starfire: Yes! & what is a shrine?
Robin: I agree with Star, except the last part.
Raven: That's none of your business.
Starfire: Yes, it is my business, because I am in every picture above.
Raven: Oh, well too bad....?
Starfire: HMPH!
Raven: Just to let you know, there was no demons, aliens, and humans hurt during this chat!
Robin: Get back here Raven!
Raven: Of course until now, See yeah!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!


Raven: Yes the kissing continues.I have spyed on them once more. As you can see in the first picture of them Robin is kissing Starfire, and in the second one Starfire is kissing Robin, now finally they both attacked each other and thy are both kissing each other. Yes I think I'm going to far, but I think you guys should know what REALLY happens when we are done acting on the shows. This was taken right after in a closet after the episode "STRANDED". Figures, even in real life they love each other. Of course I don't love anyone. So enjoy seeing them kiss...again.
Starfire: RAVEN! YOU ARE.....ARE....MEAN!!! WAHHHH!!!!!!
Raven: I'll toon in soon enough! BYE!


Raven: Okay guys I got more dirty stuff for yeah about Robin and Starfire. I tapped therer conversation on this very tape recorder. I did not listen to it yet. But I'll let you listen to it right now. Okay here we go...
Robin: Starfire? Can I speak to you alone?
Starfire: Yes Robin. Raven is not here is she?
Robin : I don't think so.
Starfire: I do not like how she tortures us. It is not nice.
Robin: I know.
Starfire: Maybe we should get her?
Robin: Will find something out abotu her don't worry Star.
Starfire(smiles big): Umm Robin?
Robin: Yeah Star?
Starfire: do you really feel about me?
Robin: Oh..(long pause) Well, Starfire you know when we were acting out that seen in "STRANDED"?
Starfire: Yes.
Robin: Well when you were asking me how I felt about you. That was really hard for me.
Starfire: No wonder why the director said that sounded almost real. Beacause it was?!
Robin: Well...yeah.
Starfire: Robin. I do also feel the same with you.
Robin: Really? (Blushing)
Starfire: Really.
---Beast Boy enters room---
BB: Have any of you two seen Raven?
(Raven confused)
Robin: No, but were glad, we did not want her here right now.
BB: Oh, cause I needed to tell her something very important.
Starfire: Nope, sorry Beast Boy.
BB: Okay thanks anyway. (leaves)
Robin: Starfire?
Starfire: Yes Robin?
Robin: I...I lo-
(tape runs out of room)
Raven: Oops I forgot only 5 minutes were lefted on the tap sorry guys. Maybe next time I'll get the whole conversation. Well see yeah. More to come soon!

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