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Raven's Room

This is my room so get out right now! Yes that is what I said. Maybe you don't understand what "Get out" means. It means do NOT come in here period. If you wish to stay, then make it quick. I'm meditating in here.



This is me Raven. Hopefully, this room will be better than the other one. People making fun of me by putting up evil pictures? That's why I do that to Robin and Starfire. Well, hopefully you won't stay long.

Robin: Hahaha! that's for showing my fans my messed up hair!
Raven: Robin your evil! I'll get you back. You knwo I don't get scared! Watch me i WILL get my revenge!
Robin: I'll be waiting for yeah!


Hey that's me when I was small! Who put that there!!
BB: Yeah about that...
BB: ok ok, just because I was snooping around in your room doesn't mean I can't take pictures I found of yeah back then.
Rae: (Evil eyes)
BB: Well.... too late? To bad so sad? Uhh.... I'll be in the living room, you know LIVING room where some people would like to LIVE. You know what I mean?


Yeah, I'm messy got a problem with that? (wahhhh!!! Not another evil picture!)

Robin: That's for making the evil page with me and Starfire!

Raven: Your kind, you truley are. At least things can't go worse. I mean I got you on a date and when you were kissing! Can't beat that. I don't do that to anyone.

Robin: (whispering) Well your the one who had a crush on Slade's son in the old comic books....

Raven: (evil eyed) What was that Robin!

Robin: Oh nothing... hehhehheh..


Raven: How come it feels like everyone's against me? hmm, that's because they are! I'll get you back Robin!

Robin:Ohhh, look at the cute little bunny raven!
That's for showing everyone that picture of Star and I at the prom!