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I didn't know what to call this page, yeah it's long to bad, so I called it that. This page was Robin's idea. I am just doing it for him. Well enjoy the page.


1. From the episode "MOTHER MAE EYE" when Cyborg was talking to the gipsy, you can see the Puppet King, and also Control Freaks remote.
(Robin found that)
2. In "DATE WITH DESTINY" when Starfire slaps
Kitten's face with her glove her hand is still on the glove. (Found by Starfire)
3. From episode "TITANS RISING" When Robin says
to Terra "It means we could use your help" you can see Raven's gem on her foreehad is gone. (Found by Raven) I saw that randomly...
4. From the episode "The Sum of His Parts", Cyborg pulls Robin down and his mask flys off, but under that is another mask. (Robin found that)
5. From the episode 'MOTHER MAE EYE' when the HIVE FIVE were robbing the store, the store lasy was the same store lady from episode 'FEAR ITSELF'
(Found by Starfire)

Have any mistakes you kow about in the TT episodes? Well here's the right place to put them! Send them to and I'll put them here A.S.A.P. Make sure to say a nickname for you. Please, I don't want your real name. And I will NOT put your email address name up. If you do not give yourself a name I'll just have to call you Anonymous. Well see yeah! And remember to send in those mistakes you found on the episodes!