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Hi, this is raven here.  This is where I will show you what goes on when robin and starfire are not acting in a show.  I hope you enjoy this, it will be good


Starfire: Raven, have you seen Rob- Oh my!
Raven:Uhh...hi starfire.
Starfire:Oh dear, I hope robin dosen't see this!
Robin:Hey raven, what's up? Have you seen Star-oh my gosh! Someone pinch me I must be dreaming!*Star pinches robin*Ouch! It was an expression star!
Star:Oh, whoops, sorry! :)
Raven:Uh-oh, gotta run!
Starfire:Raven get back here! *sighs..she is gone.
Robin:Did you put this here?
Starfire:I did not.  It was, you?
Robin:I had nothing to do with this.
Robin and Star:Raven!


Raven:hahaha!  Another embarising photo! Hehehe :)
Starfire:Oh greetings again Raven, may I ask what you are doing on the titans computer?
Raven: Um,uh... traking slade?
Starfire:Oh, well then carry on. Raven?
Raven:Yes star.
Starfire:  Who are those to people?
Raven:Umm... no one?
Starfire:Hmm.  I wish to see this "no one" if I may.
Raven:No!  You can't!
Starfire:And why not?
Starfire:Get back here please!*sighs* oh well, i missed her again. Ohhh!  The "no one" raven was talking about. Oh no! The "no one" is robin and I! Ohh! She makes me want to blast starbolts at her!
Robin: What's up star?
Starfire:Nothing! Umm...Bye!
Robin:Hey...that's me and starfire!!! Oh, just wait until I get my hands on her!


Raven:Ahh.  Well dosen't she look like she's going on a date?  She is, with robin.  And I snuk up on them and heard their whole conversation.  Here Im writing it down for you from my memory.  Here it goes
Starfire:Robin, I had a glorious time with you tonight!
Robin:So did I star.
Starfire:Robin, may I ask you something?
Robin:Sure starfire, go ahead.
Starfire:How do you really feel about me?
Robin:Ohh...uhh..umm...well...let's just say it's really hard for me.
Starfire:When you were dancing with me, I was wondering how you really felt about me.
Robin:Ok, here's the truth...I lo..I lo...
Raven:My memory goes blank there.  Sorry everyone:(   Check back later, I might have some more dirt on them!


Raven: As I was saying, I would get Robin back for my scared picture! I do not get scared. Here's proof they were on a date! I mena, look at there oufits? HAHAHA, I got them good! Better go before they fget here! Bye!!!


Raven: Oh how sweet , almost makes me have to barf.
Starfire: Greetings Raven! I hope you are having a glorious day! ....What is that?
Raven: You tell me.... I gotta go... BYE!
Starfire: Raven! *grabs her, but uses her powers to sink into the floor, sigh* She is good at that.
Raven: *at door* Thanks, I think...
Starfire: Why must you torture us?
Raven: Blame Robin.
Starfire: Why must that?
Raven: Do you even look at my room?
Starfire: No, you said o one to go in there.
Raven: Good point. T.T


Starfire:  I am not blaming anyone for putting this here except me.  No, Raven did not place this here.  I did.  It is a very good thing Robin is not here.  I hope he never sees that I put it there.  Yes, this is the actually Starfire speaking.  I know I said I was quitting, but I wanted to put one last thing up.  I may update on the pages now & then, but this is the first time I have put something on the pages.  The other times you saw my name it was Raven pretending it was me.
Sunfire:  Wee!  I love this new flavor of soda!
Starfire:  Sunny, that is gasoline for automobiles.
Sunfire: ...YAY FOR GASOLINE SODA!!!!!!!


Raven: And the love fest continues...
Star: Why do you do this to us?
Raven: Because it's one of the few things I enjoy.
Star: Could you please find anything to enjoy? Please? Before Robin sees this?
Raven: One word Starfire-
Robin: Hello-
Star: Oohhh X'hal...
Robin: Not again!
Raven: This is the part when I'm suppose to run.. *dashes off*
Star: Why does she do this, Robin?
Robin: I don't know Star..
Raven: I enjoy it a lot. *makes small smile*
Star: May you please stop, dear friend Raven? PLEASE?
Raven: Let me think about it..No!
Star: Forgive me (starbolts her)
Raven: *Blocks it with telekinis* Stop it!
Star: Please stop being a clorbag then.
Raven: No.
Robin: Cat..fight..
Star: Then I have no choice (flies at her)
Raven: (levitates at her)
Robin: 3...2...1..
Star: (fighting Raven) Dy rutt l'qi null!
Raven: *fighting Starfire* Shut up you Tameriean freak!
Star: Koq'x demon!
Raven: Green eyes!
Star: (stops) What am I doing? Sorry, Raven.
Raven: Well that was a load of eggs and bacon..
Robin: Could you do it again? *holds up camera*


Raven- And if you look to front of you, you will see our two little friends together as usual.
Star: NO!! Robin better not see this...
Robin- Not like I want to! We need revenge!! She has a page of us and our embrassment!
Raven- So?
Robin- >.<
Raven- I always win!
Star: I GIVE UP!!!! (leaves)
Robin- Starfire! Don't leave me!
Raven- Raven, 99. Robin and Starfire, 0!
Star: (yelling as running) EVIL CLORBAG RAVEN!!!
Raven- I do my best, bwahahahaha!
Star: (stops) What am I doing? (runs back, mostly for Robin)
Robin- Thanks Star.
Raven- I'll destroy you two!
Star: (sounding scared) Destroy who? (hugs Robin for comfort)
Raven- -__________________________-''
Robin- I say we go out somewhere and leave Raven to watch Sunfire! >D
Raven- 0.0
Star: I agree! (yelling) Ger'q k'fax Kosuand'r!!!
Sunny: (coming out of nowhere & crashing into Raven) HIYA FRIEND RAVEN!!!
Raven- Kill me now JUST KILL ME NOW!!!
Robin- Bye! Have fun.
Star: Follow, Robin!
Sunny: SODA!!


Raven- And again I have another successful picture.
Robin- Don't tell me there is more pictures on this of us!
Raven- Then I won't tell you.
Star: I am hiding now... (hides behind Robin)
Raven- Oh c'mon it's just one little picture no harm being.
Robin- Raven can't you just mind your own business?
Raynebow- oH i WAnt to tAKe thE NEXt picTURe!!
Star: Kd'xka g'dyr...
Robin- It's okay Starfire.
Raynebow- Oh shUDDuP! LETs geT thIs PARty starteD!!
Raven- Isn't it past your bedtime? 
Star: Oh X'hal...(hugs Robin)
Robin- (hugs back) Raven isn't it past your bed time?
Raven- WHAT??
Raynebow- *sneaks away*
Raven- Beautiful...
Star: (confused) What is beautiful?
Robin- *Looks towards Raven*
Raven- *Makes up a quick lie, opens arms to them* You two!
Robin- *sweatdrop, whispers to star* Shes been hanging around Sunfire too long...
Star: (whispers back) I agree...
Raven- Right...*sweatdrop* I'll be going.
Robin- Okay bye Raven.
Star: Now what do we do?
Robin- How about we-


Raven: Robin & Starfire sitting in a tree K-I-S
-S-I-N-G, first comes love, then come marrige, then comes a baby in the baby carrige.

heheheh... me evil...