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Hey, you're not supposed to be here, you're not supposed to be here at all! You must have very good eyesite to have found this page. Oh well now that you're here, i'll tell you that this is the Titans SECRET page! This is where the titans take their breaks. Bye!

Raven:Ok, why am I smiling? I don't do happy!
Starfire:I told the artist to make us all look happy so we look good.
Raven:Starfire! You know I don't smile!
Starfire:I know bu-
Robin:Come on guys, we're supposed to be relaxing.
Raven:How can I relax looking at me smiling? It's horrifieing!
Starfire:I think you look glorious!
Beastboy:Yeah Raven, you should at least smile once!
Cyborg:How about we just have waffles?
Robin:Sounds good to me! Let's go!

Raven: I don't get you people. You are all so weird.
BB: Everyone's weird in there own weirdish speical way!
Raven: And yours would be?
BB: Ummm.. well I tell good-
Raven: Don't even think about that. Your jokes stink.
BB: Then I'd like to see you tell one!?
Raven: Fine. Knock knock.
BB: Who's there?
Raven: Dowey.
BB: Dowey who?
Raven: Dowey have to keep telling these stupid jokes!! *Raven yells at him chasing him around the tower*

BB: I still think I'm the master at telling jokes!