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Blackfire and Starfire's Planet

Nightfire's Privacy!
Sunfire's ...uh, Something!
Very Scary Page
Starfire's Palace
Blackfire's Place
Starfire's Palace

Hello! If you do not know, I am second in line for the throne, in English terms, princess. Which is probably why Blackfire hates me so much.
Blackfire: Who told you!? I mean... why would I think something like that?
Starfire: Anyways, this is my room of the palace that I am letting you good people look through. I hope you like!
Feli: I am not here. I am a rock.

Starfire: I would just like to say that I am keeping my friends off the site. You will not see them anywhere. Especially Robin, Feli, & the others. Okay?
Sunfire: But you can see me!!! YAY!!!
Blackfire: No actually I rather not.
Sunfire: That's the spirit, Komy!
Blackfire: (rolls eyes) whatever.
Starfire: Just one more thing. My Tameranian name is Koriand'r' -
Sunfire: You can call her Kory, Blackfire Komy, and me Kosy!!! My Tameranian name is Kosaund'r'!
Blackfire: I guess I should tell yeah guys mine, its Komand'r'.
Starfire: Do not tell anyone please. Even my Earth friends. Enjoy my page!

Feli: I am still a rock. I am NOT talking to you. You are just imagining things.

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