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Blackfire and Starfire's Planet

Nightfire's Privacy!
Sunfire's ...uh, Something!
Very Scary Page
Starfire's Palace
Blackfire's Place
Very Scary Page

Blackfire: Why is this a very scary page?
Sunfire: For diarrea, use new Cherry Pepto!!!
Blackfire: What the-
Sunfire: And for scary pages, just use pics of Starrie and Robin!
Blackfire; I always knew there was some evil in yeah Kosy!
Sunfire: For diabolical plans, I suggest you see a lawyer!
Blackfire: And I suggest you see a theropist.

Blackfire: So, how is our good sister and friend Robin and Starfire?
Starfire: ...
Sunfire: For anger management, I suggest you run to the nearest shoestore and order a pizza!
Blackfire: Are you an idiot? Or were you just born to be one!
Starfire: Will you not ever change, sister?
Sunfire: For stupidity, I suggest sticking sawdust up your nose! Then you can say there IS something in your head besides emptiness!
Blackfire: Let me at her I'll fight her with both my hands!! (Starfire holding her back)
Sunfire: Do you feel pressure? If you do, and you feel you need to hurt someone, then I suggest jumping off a cliff.
Blackfire: Ok first I'll take out your heart and brain and then throw it into the sewer and then I will find it and mail it to myself and then stuff it back in your throat!!
Starfire: Oh, X'hal help us...
Sunfire: For losing your mind, I suggest you ask yourself, "Do I even HAVE a mind?"
Blackfire: Ok you asked for it! (Jumps at her and starts beating her up)
Sunfire: If you are being the victim of punching, then I suggest screaming at the top of your lungs, HHHEEELLLPPP!!!!!!!!!!
Starfire: Oh, my, that must be painful. Ow. (covers camera)


Raven: I'm getting supicious about those two...
Raven: Well, I was walking down the hallway when I saw this.
Starfire: I hope Robin does not know about this...
(a titan comes into room)
Robin: Hey Starfi- what the heck!
Starfire: Q'jj cm'qx...
Raven: Should I leave because I hate your Tameranian talk...
Sunfire: *gasp* Insulting!
Robin: You two look alike? o.o
Raven: Oh great...
Sunfire: For deja vu scenes, I strongly suggest to have your eyes checked.
Starfire: (sighs) Come, sister. You have not have your medicine yet.
Sunfire: NOT THE PILL AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!  (runs with Star following)
Robin: You have another sister?
Raven: Yes I know, scary...(whispering to self) really scary.


Sunfire: (after pill) Oh, my. I feel sorry for Kory.
Raven: Theres something about those two that I'm not getting?
Starfire: (looks at pic) Oxc'b.
Raven: I don't know how I still hang around with you guys...
Sunfire: Because deep down you are kind?
Raven: Don't even compare me with that word. Me and kind are way two separte things!
Sunfire: You're still here.  Unless my eyes need checking.
Raven: Don't talk to me! (keeping silent)
Starfire: Good, no Robin this time! I would hate to see if he saw this!
Raven: ...
Robin: (Walking into room) Starfire I need you for some...thing?? WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT DOING THERE!! (Runs over and hides body over it)
Sunfire: Too late, Kory. Oh, dear, that is terrifying...


Raven: I think I found it out. They like each other! Thats even scarier than... I don't want to say.
Sunfire: Like? I say they downright love each other! Oh, dear, you heard that Kory...
Starfire: (face pink as all get out)
Raven: Its true!  0.0
Sunfire: Hey, thank X'hal Robin ain't here.
Robin: But I am!
Sunfire: Ooh, in that case, I suggest I keep my mouth shut.
Starfire: Help me, Rut'yt.
Raven: I shall leave you 2 alone.
Robin: (Can't speak from shock)
Sunfire: At least you 2 ain't kissing!!
Starfire: Uh, Kosy? That is not helping...
Raven: (laughing hard)
Sunfire: I'M SCARED!! SHE'S LAUGHIN!!!!! AAAHHH!!! (runs)
Starfire: Oh, no. (follows)
Robin: I'm with you two!(Runs with them)
      Don't forget! Tylenol helps your headaches!!


Starfire: That looks relaxing.
Raven: Actually that was kinda fun.
Sunfire: (pill wearing off) If you're having fun, I suggest eating glorg mixed with mustard.
Raven: Starfire wheres the pill!!
Starfire: You should not have said-
Sunfire: NOT THE PILL!!! IT'S SUICIDE!!! AAAAHHHH!!!! (runs around like a headless chicken)
Starfire: That. (sighs) Kosy, please calm down.
Raven: I do NOT like her stupid talk give her it now! Or else I will!!
Starfire: Okay. (pulls out a pink & purple pill) Kosy, I have chocolate!
Sunfire: CHOCOLATE!!! YAY!! (runs over)
Starfire: (sticks pill in mouth, Sunfire swallows) Did it!
Sunfire: It's TORTURE!!!
Raven: Thank you!! My life is saved!!
Sunfire: (pill working) Wow, that felt weird. How's the weather?

Sunfire: Do you not like eating salt? Then I suggest staying away from foods such as French fries and pretzels. In the meantime, you can give all your salty foods to me! (shoe comes out of nowhere & hits her head) Ow! Who stole my shoe?

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