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Blackfire and Starfire's Planet

Nightfire's Privacy!
Sunfire's ...uh, Something!
Very Scary Page
Starfire's Palace
Blackfire's Place
Nightfire's Privacy!

Nightfire: I hate Raven. Her singing is as bad as Sunfire's singing. And Sunfire sounds like Raven singing a CHRISTMAS TREE SONG!!!

Nightfire: HEY! I did not want a page!!!
Raven: Well too bad your getting one!
Sunfire: *singing* Well did he ever return, no he never returned, & his fate is still unlearned. He may ride forever 'neath the streets of Boston, he's the man who never returned...
Raven: Sunfire must you always sing your stupid song! It gets very annoying once in a while!
Sunfire: *singing an entirely different song* She's somebody's hero, a hero to her baby with the skinned-up knee, a little kiss is all she needs...
Sunfire: *gasp* THANK YOU!!!!
Raven: Did you know if you stick an american flag up a penguins butt, it'll go swish swash swish swash?

Sunfire: Watch out for sugar with the names Dextrose, Glucose, Sucrose, & Multose. So be healthy, & be careful around sugar. A message to your body from Nick.

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