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Raven Beastboy & Starfire`s Tower

Cyborg`s Gym
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Booyah!Hey whats up?This is my gym where I work out with some of the other titans!
Cyborg:Booyah?Thats my thing!
Feli: I'm sorry. I didn't know it had your name on it.
Cyborg:Umm,it does?*writes a letter with "booyah" on it*
Feli: I don't know, does it? (Leaves)
Cyborg:Anyways...yeah...*calls for BB*Who was that?
Angel: You mean you don't know?
Cyborg:what are we having a party?And I wasn`t invited!
Angel: (utterly confused) I'm...going now. (leaves)
Cyborg:Although I am weird in all, that was plain weirder...


This is a pic. of me?You like!:D
Keith: nope,
Invis: Not at all
Cyborg:Now y'all makin' fun of me!?
Keith & Invis: Yep
Cyborg:Booyah..I mean HEY!
Keith: what?
Invis: You're just like the girl and the boy!
Cyborg:I am?
Keith: Yes!
Invis: So we're leaving! (they Leave)
Cyborg:I am confused,again!

Heres some funny conversations that me and BB usually have when we aren't rehersing.
Cy: Hey B what's up!
BB: Dude what's up man!
Cy: Nothing you B?
BB: Yeah I almost got a date with these cool chicks in the park yesterday!
Cy: (sarcasticly) Bummer...
BB: I know! I mean who doesn't like the Beastanator!
Cy: Umm...Beastanator BB?
BB: Yeah, got a problem with that?
Cy: No.. but-
BB: Dude! I think it's a totally AWESOME name. The ladies love it!
Cy: They'll think it's childish!
BB: INo it's perfectly teen-clean!
Cy: Teen-Clean?
BB: Another thing I made up, cool isn't it?!
Cy: Umm, no.
BB: Well then why did you call? If you wanted to call just to make fun of my "cool" words then bye!
Cy: (Hangs up)
BB: Hello? Cyborg? CYBORG? You hung up on me! (Goes inside the phone and some how his head pops up through Cyborg's phone)
Cy: AHH!
BB: Don't hand up on me! It was just about to call you a metal butted freak!
Cy: (pushed him into the phone) Never do that again! It'll mess you up... literally!
(BB get out of the phone and is totally messedup)
BB:Umm... a little help here? (echos)

Cyborg:Ok i just L-O-V-E love waffles*gobbles them down*
Cyborg:*Mouth full*yea BB?
Beastboy:Thats the table...
Cyborg:Oh...*notices he ate evrything but the waffles that used to be on thew table*Oh my.....
Beastboy:*shakes head and walks off*

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