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Raven Beastboy & Starfire`s Tower

Sunfire & Blackfire's Stuff
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Sunfire: Hi, I am Starry's lost oldest sister, Sunfire! You can just call me Sunny!
Blackfire: Why couldn't you just STAY lost?!?
Sunfire: Hia, Blackie! I can see you are still the same!
Blackfire: 0.0
Sunfire: Anyways, this is our page, & I am sorry but there will be no pictures of me. You can look at Blackie though.
Blackfire: I'm sure they'll enjoy that.

Starfire: Hi, I am just making sure everything is okay, which it is so far. Sisters, please behave.
Sunfire: I will Starry! Will we not, Blackie?
Blackfire: Joy.


Sunfire: We will return!

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