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Raven Beastboy & Starfire`s Tower

Drawingboard Password is pika

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1.) No swearing
2.) No being mean unless they let you (oh yeah I'll ONLY believe the person who is getting picked on!)
3.) No ciber sex PLEASE!!
4.) No saving you less drawing(you may draw them just please do not save it)
5.) No saying things behind peoples backs (unless I allow you to :D)
6.) and lastly HAVE FUN! <(^.^)>

Break any of these rules (besides 6) you will be banned!!

Click here to go to the main groupboard page.

thank you and have a nice day and heres another funny thing we usualy write down on these things...
Pika:You can`t catch me!
Robin:Oh yeah watch me!
Pika:*tackles Robin and Charmander*Yes I finally win one of these games!
Charmander and Robin:*Tackle pika to the ground and get the touch-down*YAYY!!


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