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Raven Beastboy & Starfire`s Tower


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GASP! How did you find this page? This is the titans secret page! This is our Security System! Fine! This you found this page then your pretty good with your eyes. Well now that your here you won't tell anyone, like our arch-enemies, that the PASSWORD is: 51023 will you?
Starfire: Umm, Raven they didn't know the PASSWORD until you have told them.
Raven: (nervous smile)Oh.... Maybe they'// forget it?
Cyborg: I have established a new device that'll tell us who was here.
Beast Boy: Great idea Cy!
Robin: Itn't that on the homepage?
Raven: I guess it'll help to see how many people are smart and know what a page is.
Starfire: (gasp)Raven! Be Nice!
Raven: Right....


Two simple words:



Cyborg: This is a group picture of us. Not bad not bad.
Raven: Umm... I don't remember doing this? I don't smile!
Starfire: Raven, it looks wonderious! I am giving the hug to you friend Cyborg!
Cyborg: haha.
Robin: Yeah, I'm on top!
Beast Boy: About that Raven... I'm the one who told the artist of the person who painted this to make you smiling... hehahe.
Raven: You what! This better be a secret page!*looks at how many people went on this* Great 26 that's just great...
Starfire: Be happy Raven, I do not think you look bad at all!
Beast Boy: :cough: yeah right:cough:
Raven: Beast Boy, shut up or else I'll send you to another demension...
Robin: Come get alone.
(everone smiles big at Raven)
Raven: Can someone tell me HOW I know these people?
( They grab her and run to eat waffles!)

Raven: No Titans were harmed at the waffle party that happened just 20 minutes ago.
(with the rest)
BB: Cy, past me the soumilk!
Cy: No, it's not real milk!
BB: I said pass me it!
Cy: No drink real milk!
BB: PASS me the milk!
Cy: Glad to! (throws milk at him)
Starfire: Friends please!
(fighting starts)
Raven: Yeah... forget everything I just said...

Raven: Starfire only TITANS can come in this room. That means none of your sisters or strange friends.
Starfire: But Raven-
Raven: Don't but me Starfire! I don't even know why someone made this s page for people to see!
Starfire: Are you sure your you? You seem much more protective then you usually are.
Raven(mkaes really angry face): Don't make me show you it's me!
Starfire(scared walks backwards a few steps): No do not worry friend Raven I know it is you.
Raven: That's what I thought you said.

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