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Raven Beastboy & Starfire`s Tower

Starfire`s Kats!
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See? I do have a pretty face. ^_^
Raven:...sure *sarcastic*
Starfire: (not knowing what she means) THANK YOU, RAVEN!
Raven: Uh, Star..never mind T.T
Feli: Hi Star! Hey, you look prettyful in that picture!
Starfire: Thank you!
Raven: Hello Flea-die
Raven: I`M NOT A CAT!!
Feli: Okay...RAVENCLAW!
Raven: Ok what did I say..JUST 2 SECONDS AGO!?!
Feli: Fine, how about...RAVENPELT!
Raven: YOU`VE GONE TO FAR!!! *attacks her*
Starfire: I am ending this before it gets too ugly! Sorry you had to see this! And hear!


Hi! Here are the pics. of me. And-AHH! What is that doing there?!?
Shad0: How..lovely
Starfire: I do not know you.
Shad0: Sorry to hear that people love me....actually they whatever
Fireflame: Thats the spirit!
Shad0: Thanks?
Feli: Yo, Shad0, what's up? HI FRIEND FIREFLAME!
Starfire: help me.
Shad0: your tellin' me?!!
Fireflame: THE SKY!!!!! & roof + ceiling
Raven: Am I interupting something?
Starfire: No, I am now ending this before it gets out of hand.
Feli: You mean paw! Hey!


This must be the bravest cat in the history of history, don't you think? LOL ^_^


This is me when I am very busy on the computer. hehe.


I think there's a spy among us...

Who knew cats were on the police force?


This looks very much like my cat Samantha. Maybe they're friends, like Raven & me. ; )

Remind me to never let my teddy bears near THAT cat...

Feli: How dare you have a cats page without including me?
Starfire: I am sorry Feli, I know you love cats.
Feli: Cats are my LIFE!
Starfire: Would you like to help me with my page?
Feli: Nah, I just like messin' with ya. (walks away laughin')
Starfire: She needs some therapy. O_O

Now this is what you call Fast-Food Service!


Yipes! I did not need to see that! I am sorry, Miss Cat!


My message to all you kind people (I hope you are kind O.O) is what that cute kitty is saying!


Watch out black kitty!!!  The white one must have learned that move from Robin.  ^.^


So that's where my shoes went!

Cat Facts!

*A person who drowned a cat would someday be a drowning victim themself.

*Cats are the only animal that purrs.

*Cats sleep an average of 16 hours a day. That means a 7 year old cat has been asleep for 5 years of its life.

*The first cat known is Nedjem, who live in Egypt 1479-1425 B.C.


Starfire: Why is that there?
Cheetahheart: Sorry no clue.
Tigerpelt: Hey, Cheetah-whoa, Star what is that?!?
Leopardfur: Forget what it is, how are you doing that Star?
Starfire: I do not know...I do not even know how it got there...
Lionstar: That's not good.
Bobcatclaw: I wonder who did it.
Feli: Hey, Star! Like the pic I put on for ya?
Starfire: (looks around & the others had left) I do not understand you, Feli. 
Feli: And you never will.   
Starfire:   O_O
Feli:           ^_^


You are most like Starfire. A bit clumsy and innocent, you're lucky you have friends or who knows what would happen to you. You are excessively happy which sometimes gets on others' nerves. You tend to be too polite for your own good sometimes which may be depicted as snobbish. You are very nice and compassionate but you aren't afraid to let others know when you're mad, it is more of a bodily sign mostly in the eyes. You love light and try to cheer up that one gloomy person but it is like night and day. You can't help it though. You tend to be a charity case and try to help others feel less gloomy and inadvertently make it worse. You are drawn to a certain person and you are a bit...well a tad and a bit eccentric and odd. But don't worry it's your quirks that people like about you!

Feli: I always wanted to see a page of cats...& my dream's come true...
Raven: I don`t really want to say this but what is your dream?
Feli: Cats! Nothin' but cats!
Raven: Now I feel sorry for asking T.T
Feli: (getting upset) NOW, WHAT'S WRONG WITH CATS????????????????!!!
Raven: There furry, disgusting, they give you bad suprizing, and lastly they make me sneeze! *whispers* stupid cats hate 'em all
Feli: You mean like yourself?
Raven: ! What was THAT?!?!
Raven: O.O >O GRR!! *attacks her..CRAZY!!*
Feli: (turns into a cheetah & quickly scratches her)
Raven: <.< YOUR GONNA WISH YOU HAVEN~T DONE THAT!! *uses dark magic on Feli*
Fireflame: (comes walking along with popcorn) COOL! THIS IS BETTER THAN THE MOVIES!

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