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Raven Beastboy & Starfire`s Tower

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THE NEW SITE HAS BEEN PUBLISHED!! Not much on it now, but I'll work on it more and show will Star and Robin. It is called.....

My eyes are freaky looking... O.O

Starfire: I am updating in Starfire's Kats.  Please feel free to explore.
Sunfire: YU-GI-OH! cards!  COOL!!!
Starfire: What cards?
Sunfire: They are what I am hoping Feli brings back for me!
Starfire: But ...what are they?
Sunfire: ...I do not know...but they sound cool!


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Ask one of the Teen Titans or Global Girls!Its simple and easy just write a question to who ever you want a questCahalane: Are you guys friends?
Pika: Well if we weren`t then I don`t see why we are working together on our site.Although who wouldn`t want to be friends with a cute little yellow mouse like me?
Cahalane: English?

Growly: Hey Raven can you ever do happy!Or at least make a smile now and then!
Raven: I can`t believe you are asking me THAT question do you think I look happy!Do you think people dress like this that are happy?I don`t know you I don`t think I want to know!
Growly: Then is that a yes?

LB: Why do you like cats so much Feli?
LB: ...I'm sorry I asked...

(This one jynx had asked me on the DB)

Jynx: Hey Starfire who are all of those other freaky friends of yours? i see them on your updates and I do not know who they are? Who are they?
Raven: Well Jynx I am sorry to say this but, actually I really aren't sorry to say this, but there a secret and you can't know as long as you live. Unles you find out of course.
Jynx: You seem so nicer on T.V. And i asked for Starfire not you! (falls)

PWWNBN: Feli, why are you so silly?
Feli: If I wasn't, you'd be worried.
PWWNBN: I would? Actually I'd enjoy the quiet.
Feli: O.O

TT***Fan: Hey Raven, Starfire, Beastboy, Robin, and Cyborg. Can you make a story and put it up on the site? I really enjoy reading, and making one is the best. I am really upset you have not done it yet. Can you please updated that page?
Raven: Sure but it will be about the GG (Global Girls)
TT***Fan: Now I'm afraid....
Raven: Your welcome?....

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