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Hello there! Moonrise speaking! We are taking over this site! First, we'll make our own page!
Dawnlight: Yea!
Midnight: Must I be a part of this?!?
Dawn + Moon: YES!!!
Midnight: K'qox...

Moon: Sorry if there will not be any photographs for a while.
Dawn: Fireflies?
Midnight: Yea, So here's a discription of us. Moon's the leader, Dawn's the empty-headed idiot, & I like black.
Dawn: Doorknob?
Midnight: Exactly.


Moon: Note that Robin & Star are singing together.
Midnight: Also note that Beast Boy is putting mistletoe over Robin & Star's heads.
Dawn: Valentine?
Midnight: Close enough.

Midnight: SAVE ME!!! HELP!!!
Dawn: Shaddup.