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Oh dear, Bloopers! It's your favorite thing about sites. BLOOPERS!! Send them in at and I will put them on the site as fan mail. I'll even write who it was from, just please remember to put your name or nickname.

Guy: Lights, Camera, Action!

Starfire: My friends are not Shy!

Guy: Cut, cut! It's pie Starfire, not shy. Review your script!

Starfire: Oh, um... He he he.(blushes)

Guy: Action!

Starfire: My friends are not pie! Hah!(shoots starbolts at mother)

Robin: Starfire stop!

Raven: Why are you hurting Brother?

Guy: CUT! Will they ever get it right?
This one was sent in by: Robin (our very own Robin)

BB: Knock knock.
Robin: Who's there?
BB: Robin.
Robin: Robin who?
BB: Quick someone is Robin the bank!