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Cyborg's Gym


BOOYAH! This is where me and the other titans lift weights and work out.  This is also where we train and get ready to kick some butt!  Enjoy the Gym!

Starfire:Cyborg, I wish to lift the weights with you.
Cyborg:Well pick up a weight and get to it! Lifts weight*strugles*
Starfire:Very well then. *lifts weight with one arm*:)
Cyborg:Whoa!*looks suprised*
Starfire:Friend, why do you have the "suprised look" on your face?
Cyborg:Uhh..Star? You just lifted a weight with one hand!
Starfire:Tamaranians are known for great strongness.
Cyborg:Well ok then! 


Cyborg:Oh, I remeber that! We all dressed up like Robin!
Starfire:I had a glorious time robining,then we told Raven to come robining with us.
Beast:Dude, that was totally awesome!
Raven:The mask made me feel cool!
Everyone:It made us all feel cool!
Robin:What ya guys talking about?
Cyborg:We were just talking about the time you went to find the True Master.
Starfire:And then we went Robining together!

Cyborg:I like waffles!!!

Beastboy:Yeah, well I like soymilk and SOY waffles. Let's have breakfast!

Cyborg:I want waffles!

Beastboy:Well i'm making tofu eggs and soymilk and SOY waffles!

Cyborg:Fine, i guess i can deal with soy just for today and today ONLY!!!



Cyborg:I look tough!
Raven:No you don't, you look whimpy.
Cyborg:Was I talking to you?
Raven:I belive you were, there's nobody else around here to talk to.
Cyborg:Have you ever thought maybe I was talking to myself???
Cyborg:Will you get outta here?
Raven:Yes, I have to meditate anyway.
Cyborg:Oh finally!