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Funny Conversations

Another people site favorites! Funny conversations! We'll try not to go over board with these. But yet I wonder why we have one of these? I mean there's funny conversations all over the site?Doesn't anyone agree?
Everyone but Raven: .........(crickets chirp)
Raven: Yeah that's what I thought you'd say...

This is a conversation with me and jay

Jay: Hello?

Me: Yo!

Jay: Whats up?

Me: The sky.

Jay: It is?

Me: I don't know do you know?

Jay: Moosho!

Me: No! Evil Moosho!

(complete silence)

Jay: Hi.

Me: Yo!

Jay: That was a long time. I forgot I was talking to you today?

Me: Really?

Jay: Yeah, you usually talk alot what's wrong with you? Are you sick?

Me: Yeah I am achoo achoo.

Jay: Cool.

(complete silence again)

Jay: Hi.

Me: Yo. I got the best away message.

Jay: No you don't.

Me: Help! There's a pillow on my bed! Save me!

(complete silence again again

Jay: Hi

Me: .............Sometimes.

Jay: Your evil.

Me: Why?

Jay: Because I said so.

Me: Okay.

(Complete silence again again again)

Jay: Hi, guess what.

Me: What?

Jay: That's what.

Me: No it's not,

Jay: Yes it is.

Me: No it's not.

Jay( In a baby voice): Your silly.

This is a conversation with me and Jay on instant messanger. Yeah it is in 2:OOAM oh well.
PinkyRocks254 (2:14:43 AM): Can I go now?
GAmE FrEaK 0092 (2:14:47 AM): no
PinkyRocks254 (2:14:56 AM): yes
GAmE FrEaK 0092 (2:14:57 AM): 5 more posts
GAmE FrEaK 0092 (2:15:04 AM): it was the deal
PinkyRocks254 (2:15:12 AM): I never agreed
GAmE FrEaK 0092 (2:15:17 AM): yes u did
PinkyRocks254 (2:15:23 AM): show me
GAmE FrEaK 0092 (2:15:46 AM): GAmE FrEaK 0092: you still have to do 7 posts
GAmE FrEaK 0092 (2:15:54 AM): PinkyRocks254: MAster Starfire says yes
PinkyRocks254 (2:15:58 AM): Where did I saw "Ok"
PinkyRocks254 (2:16:07 AM): nice Jay
GAmE FrEaK 0092 (2:16:12 AM): ty
PinkyRocks254 (2:16:25 AM): I realize the different color for the "yes"
PinkyRocks254 (2:16:39 AM): and size and font
GAmE FrEaK 0092 (2:16:48 AM): darn
PinkyRocks254 (2:17:04 AM): lol you just realized you are stupid! :D

Zcruba: Everything is weird when Zcruba begins!