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Hey dudes, Beastboy here. I bet you can't guess why I'm so happy! It's because I finally get my own part of the tower! Well I hope you enjoy my page. 


Beastboy:Eeww! I look ugly!
Raven:I know!
Raven:Yes, that's what horses eat :)
Beastboy:Will you go away? I'm trying to look at my pictures here!
Raven:And you point is.....


Beastboy:Hey, who put that there? Raven!
Raven:Wha- oh, umm about that.....
Beastboy:I'm listening!
Raven:Well, that's for putting up that picture of me as a kid!
Beastboy:Fine, but I'll get you back if it takes me my whole life
Raven:*evil eyes*
Beastboy:*looking scared*Ok, i'll be playing video games with cy.
Raven:Does it look like i care?
Beastboy:No!*runs away*


Wahoo!!! Wow, looks like that was fun.  But it wasn't to fun when I fell on Raven. At least she broke my fall :)!
Then she sent me to the 6th dimension.  I didn't like it there at all :(.  Everything was so differen't there.  It was totally creepy.  Then a raven claw came out through this worm whole and grabbed me! That sent me home. I learned my lesson!


Raven: CREEPY!!
BB: AHH! Who did that!
Raven: Yeah who did that!
BB: Your hugging me!
Raven: Excuse me? Your hugging me! And enjoying it!
BB: So are you!
Raven: *Looking at pic* Right...
BB: Okay, whos's the spyer!!
Starfire: Raven and Beast Boy? I got dirt on you!!
Robin: That's for the Robin and Starfire Shrine page!
Raven: *Raven's mouth open wide and falls straight to the floor*
BB: Dude, you killed her!
Starfire: Robin? I believe we should leave now..
Robin: Right ahead of yeah (both run off)

Terra:Knock knock
Beastboy:Who's there?
Beastboy:Terra who?
Terra:I'm Terra-fied of you!
Beastboy and Terra:Hahahhah :)