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Robin's Page


Hey, it's me, Robin.  This is my page.  I hope raven dosen't torture us like on the other site!  I don't think she will though.  I will be writing more on this page soon!   See ya later!


Wow, cool, awesome!  I look very good!
Raven:Not really.
Robin:Hey, nobody asked you!
Raven:Can you keep it down? I'm trying to meditate.
Robin:Why is it always metitation this, meditation that?
Raven:Because, if I don't meditate I won't be able to control my powers...Now will you shut up already?
Robin:I don't think so!
Raven:Don't make me send you to another dimension!
Robin:Shutting up now! o.o
                             This picture was from when I thought I was fighting Slade.  This is really embaressing! Who put his here?  Huhh....Raven is just never going to stop doing this is she?



 Hey!  What's that doing there!? My hair is all messed up!  My fans are NOT  supposed to see that!  Great, Raven did this. Huhhh...Great, my reputation is ruined! That darn Raven. She always has to make fun of me! I'll get here back, no matter what!
Raven:Hahaha, I embaressed you!
Robin:Very funny Raven.
Raven:Yep, it is very funny!
Robin:I swear, I will get my revenge!
Raven:*sarcasticly*ooohhh, i'm sooo scared!
                       This picture has a weird story to it. One day I walked into Starfire's room.  She was giving Silkie a bath but Silkie wasn't in the tub, Starfire was cleaning him by licking him! I was kinda...shocked at what I saw.


Raven: Robin, Starfire is stupid. No offence to her.